For the current Moldovia-project Solid is sponsored by MATRA (Ministry of foreign affairs).

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Solid Foundation does not receive structural subsidies from the government or an educational institution. Subsidies are granted on project basis and are spent fully on that particular project. Solid Foundation is in need of money for structural costs that can not be paid through projects and for visiting partner organisations to get an 'intake' for new projects. For structural support we depend on investors, firms and organisations. With a donation you support the position of students in foreign countries. You can support us in two ways, on a regular basis, or with a one-time donation. As supporter on a regular basis you donate three euro per month. As donator on a regular basis you will be informed about our activities by an electronic newspaper. If you would like to receive more information before committing a donation you can contact us though writing an email to

You can transfer your gift to bank account number 21 21 96 480 under the name Solid Foundation, tagged as a one-time gift. If you would like to become donator, you can transfer the corresponding amount, tagged with 'donator 2012'.