For the current Moldovia-project Solid is sponsored by MATRA (Ministry of foreign affairs).


Solid Foundation is a non-profit student organisation that aims at improving student democracy and representation. Solid provides demand-driven trainings and support for student organisations worldwide, that are working towards democratic student representation. Solid is unique for its' strong roots in the Dutch student community, experience with student democracy and participation, and its' relation with partner organisations and its' target groups. Solid Foundation was first established as a working group of the Dutch student union (LSVb), working group Solid. Upon completion of the Moldova project in 2007, it was decided to continue as an independent organisation. On 5 December 2008, Solid Foundation was established as an independent student organisation. Solid Foundation is still strongly affiliated to the LSVb though, for example, we use their office and our board of advice includes one member of the LSVb executive committee.

Executive Committee and Advisory Board
The members of the Executive Committee curently are:
Matthew Tinnemans, chairman

David Bijl, vice-chairman and secretary

Johnny Kerkhof, treasurer

The advisory board consists of three members:
Jasmijn Koets (LSVb representative)
Stef Beek
Bart Koenders